RivaMika AU → The two Corporals.

The world of humanity is split into five sections: Central (Stohess and the Capital), South (The legion of our famout Corporal Levi), West, East, and finally North - the most dangerous section.

Many years ago, when the Colossal Titan broke down the walls for the very first time and after Eren and Mikasa lost their home and mother, they got seperated in the crowd. While Eren was brought to Trost in the South Section, Mikasa was sent into the North. She knew that Eren wanted to join the Recon Corps and kill Titans, so she decided to join the military so she could find him that way. But it wasn’t as easy. She was all alone and now a almost starving kid. It was thanks to a soldier who saved her from some thugs that wanted to do all kinds of things to her. He gave her shelter and food and she trusted him enough to even reveal her name to him. He never did the same, though and after two days he had to leave. She wanted to meet him again, too so now she had yet another reason to join the miliary. And she did one year later.

Of course, due to her brilliance and her exceptional skills, she graduated as the top and joined the Scouting Legion where she performed an equally extraordinary carrieer.
Now 25 years old, she still wanted just one thing: To get to her brother. But she was bound to her Legion and she was surprised when she realized how much she enjoyed what she did and how proud she was of her accomplishments. She quickly got very close to her Commander and after she was promoted to Corporal after five years.

On her latest mission with her squad, they had a stop in Trost, where the local Legion allowed them to use their HQs. Mikasa didn’t even know that this was the exact place where Eren was. She just knew that the Titan Shifter was here and it would be a lie to say that she wasn’t interested in him at all. But also another thing piqued her interest: The Squad Leader and Corporal Levi - Humanity’s strongest and rumor has it that he was her match. When they met they were both shocked to find out two things: He was Eren’s squad leader and he was the one two save her many years ago. 


nathanack asked:

How do you intend on getting Mikasa to be your girlfriend?

ask-rivaillleheichou answered:


Interested in my affairs, are we?

Well, I suppose telling a brat like you won’t do any harm.

Step 1: Corner the brat against the wall.

Step 2: Drop tiny hints to keep her aware of the situation. 

Step 3: Inhale slowly AND…..

Step 4image

Step 5image Get rejected.

It’s for certain that I’ll get rejected by Ackerman.

But don’t be mistaken brat. I won’t give up after initiating the plan.